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A classic photo story series on Rhesus monkey as shot in the state of Telangana, India. In this photo series, you may get a different approach to the creatures we often see and we often miss at the same time.

Let's start with the warmth of a mother as that gives the pillar to our existence!

A Mother's Warmth : As we all can feel mothers have an eternal link with our soul from the womb. Every pain we feel, they get the click too! Every time we become happy, they feel the comfort too! This small baby rhesus seemed to have his safest cushion in his world - mother's lap. As they sat on the thin branch of the tropical trees, the baby looked into the ground, trying to anticipate how he is going to grow up and rule the forest.

Hide n Seek : Growing up from mother's guard into a mischievous little brat, this young monkey had all qualities to be called a fun loving restless child. 'Hide n Seek' was the first term that came to my mind as I was noticing this adorable mid-aged guy. I already blended with their environment as I kept on getting mesmerised by their joyful activities, studying their lifestyle. This one got hold of my curious attention as it was messing with all other guys! And as I pointed my lens towards this, it magically enjoyed the sneak peek through the leaves.

The Punishment : And as we all know, with increasing restlessness, increases our daily punishment. And look how this guy got an ear twitching from his mom! A stare filled with astonishing gaze, being highlighted by the winter sun, the baby monkey was the most adorable find I had in Narsapur, Telangana. The way they are loved, punished, tickled and played with by their mom and dad was when I realised I could make out an extraordinary story out of the commons!

A Cheesy Fight : Seemed like they had a race for who could climb the top first! These juvenile macaques in the forest of Ananthagiri opened my eyes to the memory lanes taking back to my school life when we used to play games in the break and tugged each other, pushed them and were more energetic than ever! With the perfect back lit sun rays of the morning, drenched with golden yellow hues, bordered by the shine line, the funny play between the two crazy rhesus children was worth watching. Their life is more human-like than you can ever imagine! These monkeys are something more than adorable.

A Happy Couple : As time runs, the babies grow up into adults, the playful minds turn into a guiding ones. With age comes the responsibilities of clan and to advance in the hereditary chain, comes the mating. They are no different than human intercourse - the sensual look on the female, the aggressive male and the dramatic forest lights defining their habit, approach and tendencies in their natural habitat was more than appreciable. Thus the life cycle demanded a new life to be born soon!

In this story of rhesus, some observations have helped me climb up a level in my ladder of imaginations - where I could clearly perceive the uncommon things in an uncommon way, showcasing them in an unique bouquet of emotions.

The Primitive Hands : The hairy limbs that denote the earlier days while the homo sapiens was out of the story. The fact that later on human evolution and monkeys took divergent routes from the track of primate hierarchy, was unable to separate many physical similarities between us and them. The palms, resting on another, free of all unproductive thoughts is more just a relaxation you want on a Sunday afternoon! The rough textures, highlighted by the nature, covered with furs and a nail lining most similar to the human nails was one fact that every photographer would love to study and watch.

The Power Grasp : The arboreal lifestyle of monkeys has gotten them blessed with many adaptive developments and one of the most beautiful improvements are the powerful hands! This monkey was accidentally falling from a higher branch after fighting with another one over territory. And look how it managed to grab the trunk while it fell down! The strong grasp as shown here is a picture of how amazing the adaptation has been executed and fulfilled Darwin's survival of the fittest theory...

The Relaxation : Its not always the restlessness, its not always the long jumps from one tree to another that defines the life of a rhesus macaque. These arboreal masterclass taking a short nap on the branch of a tree while its strong hands gets a rest - provides a feel of relaxation after a series of jumps and runs. The calmness this photograph beholds, delivers a feeling of comfort, smile, relaxation and a relief. Its how the life of a rhesus monkey tends to flow among the jungles with sparkled sunlight, coming through the deep woods.

The Rhesus blog is something I have intended to write for a long time and there is much more to it once you visit the amazing places converging your presence with their daily activities. Hope you enjoyed it ??


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