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Lohagarh, Bharatpur Rajasthan, India

Watch Closely! Feeling a bit curious?

The fish is the primary point of interest here since I have already experienced an odd incident just before I clicked it. The fish was the lunch of an Eagle which it carelessly dropped and I was more drawn towards the shot as it defined how ruthlessly the claws held on to the fish and once it slipped how the flesh was scattered.

How did I take the shot? - BTS

It was the roof of the Lohagarh Fort in Bharatpur where the temple bells used to be. I was standing inside the ornamented bathing room enjoying the carvings on the wall and peeking out from the door since the line of bells outside lead straight to an other entrance which was quite dramatic. The moment I was about to come out of the dark bathing hall, I could see this fish splashing and falling just in front of me and as I looked above I could see an Eagle flew by gasping with agony. It revolved twice over us to check if it could retrieve its food again. I took a step back and inside but it was the other people it was scared of and never came back!

I could clearly know that the fish was a prey freshly obtained from the nearby lake and I wanted to capture the snatching texture it displayed so genuinely.

To know about Bharatpur's Lohagarh Fort and the temple bells history, check out my another post :


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