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Let us dive into a short documentary on the lives of these primates and how they are raised, the ecosystem as well as the various moods in their daily life. I got to watch over them for 4 days while my trip to Tadoba, Maharashtra India and I will try to share with you in the best possible way!

Presenting a short narrative on the upbringing of a baby langur in the above video, lets plunge on to their chapter with photographs -

Mothers Love : An unconditional and unexplainable love of a mother towards her child is something worth feeling every day. A Grey Langur mother guarding her child with all her warmth. The baby, not more than 2 months of age , innocent and curious kept looking at me, filling my frame with purity!

The Curious Infant : Raised by their mother with utmost care, the juvenile/younger Grey Langurs come out to be one of the most efficient tree huggers and jumpers. They are one most incredible part of the Indian forests, given their role in maintaining the peace. Such a beautiful and warm frame of the infant primate, is a soothing scene to the soul !!

Dependency gets Over : As the new baby Langur grows old, it becomes ready for the jungle's responsibility. Often hailed as the wisest in the forest, their journey begins in the deep, keeping an eye on the wild cat movements, alerting the other animals of their presence. Such a habitat of the Grey Langur in the red soils of Maharashtra.

With maturity comes duty and moreover the power of their limb grows significantly enabling them to patrol the forests and keep notes...

Fitness & Abilities : As the sun was about to go down, it was the playtime for these Grey Langurs. I was fascinated to see this juvenile female langur swinging itself from one tree to the next, chased by her friend all along. With the golden hues of the Sun falling on it, seemed like a true act of circus Trapezium swings!!It's their wisdom and immense arboreal capability that makes them the wise protectors of the forest.

But challenges are there for every creature and for these langurs, we The Human Race are the creators of those challenges!

A Destruction of Habitat : 'There was my home... Bulldozed to the earth'

Such was the scenario in the interiors of Chandrapur where I encountered this Langur, sitting on the road solitary. Destruction of trees has been such a frequent act by the humans that we don't even think of the consequences. Similar to us, human beings, they too come to road when their house is excavated!


Well, we don't get to choose how our life goes on. So do they, but people who live near the forests, who knows the forest better than anyone, they surely understand the values of these primates. Langurs being one of the old world ancestors, are often hailed as the wisest in the jungle while they do their duty of watching over and guarding the deep woods forever.

It's actually important for us to do our part of the duty - Saving Their Arboreal Home. Are we doing?


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