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As soon as the Durga Puja ended, Kolkata was still buzzing with many people around the Esplanade-Park Street locale. It was a lovely Saturday when we decided to visit the new Rollick Store that opened just beside Olterra, William Jones Sarani, Park Street, Kolkata.

The Ambience :

The interior was completely lit up with lovely hues of cyan and magenta, with lots of landscape frames bordered in white. The white and brown tables complimented the woody look as well! Going straight to the counter, my eyes got fixated on the delicious-looking Hot Chocolate Fudge. And to battle the exhaustion of walking and exploring the moods of festival-bound Kolkata, Kit Kat Shake seemed to be the best beverage at a reasonable price.

Spoon-Licking Good :

Thanks to the attendees there who prepared the shakes in an aesthetic way to make them close to the heart. Coming to the Ice Cream topped with Fudge and a cherry, it was one delightful cold thing to pass down the stomach.

Crunchy chips topping over the two scoops swimming in choco syrups - probably the best thing we needed!

Coming to the beverage, The Kit Kat shake was nothing less than a token of peace. The jar bathed in choco syrup on its interior, was the abode of creamy milkshake, while the choco ice cream kept swimming inside.

And what could be more amazing than the whole jar getting topped with a bar of KitKat?

Thanks to Amrita Das for always being the most versatile person of interest, boosting the exploration of the city.

Image Courtesy - @amrita_leo

Dive into the chilling world of Rollick for more such delightful ice creams & shakes!!

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