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Manneguda, Vikarabad, Telengana India

Ever drove among the dark woods, with a slit of Sunlight on it?

Ananthagiri Hills is one of the most pleasant hill top places in Telengana, which can actually provide you a lot of scenic gifts even before you reach there! This is one such beautiful road near Manneguda about 20 kilometers far from proper Ananthagiri. Being a good observant, I could find some exquisite piece of the dying sunlight highlighting the roads and the people.

Experience the travel with me!

Manneguda is one of the outskirt-town where population density is not that much but one can completely lose themselves in the serenity of the place. The roads are generally surrounded with sunflower fields on both sides which seems like a yellow wave! Now this happens when you are entering the town. Then what? Well, then you can come across a basic group of shops and small shops as you expect in a town, but once you start to leave Manneguda towards Ananthagiri, you can experience this beauty of huge old trees covering all over the roads and if you are traveling in the early morning you can experience a ton of hues!

Watch out for the winter mornings as this place is densely foggy and if you are driving, this is totally an accident prone place. But as the fog clears out with the golden sunrise, the magic starts. A play of highlights and shadows starts as you go through several natural gates formed by these banyan trees and other big ones. With their branches hanging like this you can see vintage Indian country roads and a slit of sunlight peeking through them. And in the sunset time? Well you are looking at the photo above!

When we were going up, it was all dark outside with lots of fog but while crossing the place, I remember telling my mates that whenever and however, while returning, I will stop here for taking the essence inside my camera. And so I did the entire return journey I searched for the place, which I longed to stop at, just for these nature shows. After half and hour of non stop driving we could mark the place upright on the maps and park our vehicle aside. The photo session was typically interesting as I encountered lots of village people who came to me for asking my identity as they hardly saw anyone with a camera in their locality for past many months. At the end, THE WARM AND GOLDEN RESULT!

So take your own vehicle or a rented vehicle which you can drive for maximum flexibility and ENJOY THE BEAUTIFUL ROAD TRIP!


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