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The entire project is to study and showcase an eventful life and behaviors of an artistic avian individual – The Baya Weaver. I studied this one particular Weaver as it was one of the most active ones among the others in its colony. I named it Bolt because of its work speed and perfection and hence began my work.

Let us come and explore the emotions of Bolt, the Weaver through the glimpses to his life.

(The entire series is shot at Hyderguda in Hyderabad, Telangana)

Photograph 1: A Morning Peek - This was a winter morning and as I waited for the cool morning lights to fall on the weaver colony, Bolt just woke up! He peeked outside from the only window in his nest which was fresh and newly made. Seemed that the Sun was highlighting the beautiful artistic houses of these social birds. Bolt gave a small chirp and set out its first flight of the day – A fresh start!

Photograph 2: A Big World for Bolt – After a long day filled with playing, collecting materials from long away and recreations, it was about sunset when Bolt sat on one of the branches of the trees nearby looking at the west side view. The golden light bestowed on him and he being a tiny element of this wonderful planet, must have been thinking how he flies around the vast sky, covering the huge blue ocean – how big his world his compared to his small appearance.

Photograph 3: A New Thought – A couple weeks passed by when one day I noticed that the weaver had a curious look as soon as he came back taking a round of flight in the morning. As days passed his nest grew old and he had to make a new one. And he has to be the best because this nesting will impress a female weaver who will become his partner!

Photograph 4: The Female Weaver – Baya Weaver ecosystem has a special feature once you look into it. The male weavers prepare the nest and since different individual has a different kind of artistic minds, the mating partner is decided on the base of WHO MADE IT best? The female weaver selects the male partner whose nest she likes the most. Matriarch, you see?

Photograph 5: Nesting Time – After some days of watching carefully I was astonished by how quickly Bolt could make the nest and with immense precision! The name given by me to this small magician came to be true when he was weaving his precious new house faster than you can imagine and with inch perfect knitting.

Photograph 6: Neighborhood – If you are thinking that the weaver colony is occupied by only baya weavers, you are wrong! Guess what? They have their neighbors as well! Baya weavers are accompanied by Indian Silverbills who use the old nests of Weavers which are already evacuated.

Photograph 7: The New Abode – I was getting into their comfort zone easily after so many days of watching and voila! Bolt has already made his house, his beautiful hanging home tightly sewn and neater than anyone else in his weaver colony.

Photograph 8: Old Residence Memories – Days went by and it was a chilling January and I was continuing to visit the weaver colony most of the days to understand their life. I caught a small frame where I could clearly see their emotions, attached with their old home. Bolt, the weaver was sitting on the wall of its previous house which was still hanging and he looked at his new home with a feeling of happiness and amaze. He made sure he left out nothing in his old home and if he did, he would collect and shift it.

Photograph 9: New Tenant in Old Abode – The Indian Silverbill, one of the close neighbors of Baya Weaver takes care of the abandoned old weaver nests. This adorable silverbill, Jan (as I named it) went into the old nest of Bolt after 4 days from when the weaver completely shifted in his new house.

Photograph 10: Adding Social Colors – In addition, A Weaver’s nest rests on a colorful surrounding if we notice carefully. Accompanied with an artistic shot of branches as well as the two contrasting butterflies, the colors of their colony are made more vibrant.

Hence, after nearly 2 months of watch, I concluded my target with a documentation of activities of one of the most interesting and active birds of all time you can see - The magnificent artist – BAYA WEAVER.

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