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Janput, Baguran, West Bengal, India

Want to get an amazing taste of coastal trekking? You have come to the right place to read!

Baguran is a small village in the southern side of Bengal near to Digha, where you will be actually far from the city life and pollution. Baguran is famous for making wooden Trolleys (Small ships used for carrying passengers / goods / fishes and so on.) Here you have the taste of staying inside tents inside deep forests, silence among woods and what not! Locals here are mainly fishermen or farmers. From Baguran, you can easily trek to Tajpur, Mandarmani and finally Digha. The same we did in 2 days only - 45 Kilometres (More than expected?)

About the shot

The wonderful silhouette was taken in the afternoon since I reached with my team around 4:30 PM by bus. If you are new to West Bengal, one can easily know Howrah Railway Station. (If you don't ask anyone the way, you will definitely reach! But assuming you are aware of Howrah, try to be there early in the morning as buses for Digha starts early. You will reach Janput at around 2:30 to 3 PM (make sure you booked a tent beforehand). As soon as you reach the tents (Which are not small camping tents, rather big ones with attached toilets and food services from the host resort people), you can see this wonderful sight around you. Wait for the right time - the golden hour and SNAP!

I was out of my tent roaming about in the woods, enjoying the silence with just the chirps of birds around and once I caught hold of the orange sun peeking behind the trees, I decided to frame this.



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