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Udipi Krishna Temple, Mangalore, India


The Udupi Krishna Temple is one of the most famous temples of Mangaluru. Situated a little more than 20 Kilometres from the New Mangalore Port, the temple shows plenty of divine hindu sculpture along with the presence of a big Water Reservoir inside the temple premises. Water from this reservoir is used for bathing as well as cleaning the entire temple premises. The main attraction inside the temple alongside Krishna, are the other gods and goddesses sculptures completely made by cutting black rocks, the long tunnel covered with red wishing ribbons (Mannat ka dhaaga) and the ambience inside.

However, male pilgrims must remember a fact : To enter the main chamber where you can visit the Krishna Idol, you have to open your top-wear and that is mandatory So plan accordingly!


The shot is taken in the ground floor of the temple just in front of the entrance, where I could stand in a spot, perfect enough to get mesmerized by the divine beauty of the sunrays entering the temple through the temple roof top. It was parallel to the stare of Lord Krishna and it made me feel that God himself is spreading his blessings through the Sun, thus enlightening the mankind. A play of steep highlights and darker shadows become a never ending challenge in this situation and the crowd that happens at the temple is a mentionable one during the peak time. There are markets in front of the entry gate if you ever want to take home something and don't forget to visit the reservoir behind as the chariot of God is submerged there which is taken out in Holi, Janmasthami and more...


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